Woobbee Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

If you are a Bubble Tea lover in Singapore and are looking for Woobbee Menu and price list in Singapore, then you are at the right place.

In this article, We will share the complete Woobbee Singapore menu and the prices.


Woobbee Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Woobbee serves Green Tea, Milk Tea, Grapefruit Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Earl Grey Jelly Series, Coffee, Yakult, Juices, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

WOOBBEE singapore menu

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Woobbee WB Signatures Menu

Salty Lemon Mint Green TeaSGD 5.10
LARGE Salty Lemon Mint Green TeaSGD 6.90
Pink Grapefruit Green TeaSGD 5.10
LARGE Pink Grapefruit Green TeaSGD 6.90
Passion Fruit Green TeaSGD 5.40
LARGE Passion Fruit Green TeaSGD 7.30
Gauva Plum Green TeaSGD 5.40
LARGE Gauva Plum Green TeaSGD 7.30
Herbalmint Green TeaSGD 5.40
LARGE Herbalmint Green TeaSGD 7.30
Honey Mint Milk TeaSGD 5.10
LARGE Honey Mint Milk TeaSGD 6.90
Double Chocolate Milk TeaSGD 5.40
LARGE Double Chocolate Milk TeaSGD 7.30
Herbalmint Milk TeaSGD 5.40
LARGE Herbalmint Milk TeaSGD 7.30
Fresh Milk Herbalmint TeaSGD 6.10
LARGE Fresh Milk Herbalmint TeaSGD 8.30
Fresh Lemon Honey Green TeaSGD 5.10
LARGE Fresh Lemon Honey Green TeaSGD 6.90
Fresh Orange Citron Green TeaSGD 5.40

Woobbee Happy Holidays Menu

Fresh Orange Grapefruit TeaSGD 5.40
Hot Orange Grapefruit TeaSGD 5.10
Ginger Orange JuiceSGD 5.10
Ginger CocoaSGD 5.10

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Woobbee Tea Menu

Black Tea Series
Straight Black TeaSGD 3.40
LARGE Straight Black TeaSGD 4.80
Honey Black TeaSGD 4.40
Large Honey Black TeaSGD 6.00
WB Milk TeaSGD 3.90
LARGE WB Milk TeaSGD 5.40
Honey Milk TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Honey Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Vanilla Milk TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Vanilla Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Hazelnut Milk TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Hazelnut Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Taro Milk TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Taro Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Freshmilk Black TeaSGD 4.60
LARGE Freshmilk Black TeaSGD 6.40
Freshmilk Caramel TeaSGD 5.10
LARGE Freshmilk Caramel TeaSGD 6.90
WB Milk Tea w/ Black Pearls 50% SugarSGD 4.40
Green Tea Series
Straight Green TeaSGD 3.40
LARGE Straight Green TeaSGD 4.80
Honey Green TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Honey Green TeaSGD 6.00
Green Milk TeaSGD 3.90
LARGE Green Milk TeaSGD 5.40
Honey Green Milk TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Honey Green Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Strawberry Green Milk TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Strawberry Green Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Plum Green TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Plum Green TeaSGD 6.00
Lychee Green TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Lychee Green TeaSGD 6.00
Osmanthus Green TeaSGD 4.60
LARGE Osmanthus Green TeaSGD 6.40
Citron Grenn TeaSGD 4.60
LARGE Citron Green TeaSGD 6.40
Freshmilk Green TeaSGD 4.60
LARGE freshmilk Green TeaSGD 6.40
Freshmilk Honey Green TeaSGD 5.10
LARGE Freshmilk Honey Green TeaSGD 6.90
Straight Green Tea w/ Black PearlsSGD 3.90
Oolong Tea Series
Straight Oolong TeaSGD 3.40
LARGE Straight Oolong TeaSGD 4.80
Honey Oolong TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Honey Oolong TeaSGD 6.00
Oolong Milk TeaSGD 3.90
LARGE Oolong Milk TeaSGD 5.40
Honey Oolong Milk TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Honey Oolong Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Osmanthus Oolong Milk TeaSGD 4.60
LARGE Osmanthus Oolong Milk TeaSGD 6.40
Freshmilk Oolong TeaSGD 4.60
LARGE Fresh Oolong TeaSGD 6.40
Freshmilk Honey Oolong TeaSGD 5.10
Freshmilk Honey Oolong TeaSGD 6.90

Woobbee Earl Grey Jelly Series Menu

EGJ Milk TeaSGD 4.80
EGJ Large Milk TeaSGD 6.70
Vanilla Green Tea Oat MilkSGD 6.20

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Woobbee Coffee & Cocoa Menu

WB Coffee LatteSGD 4.50
LARGE WB Coffee LatteSGD 6.20
Hazelnut Coffee LatteSGD 5.00
LARGE Hazelnut Coffee LatteSGD 6.80
MochaSGD 5.00
LARGE MochaSGD 6.80
Mint MochaSGD 5.50
LARGE Mint MochaSGD 7.40
Cacao BarrySGD 5.00
LARGE Cacao BarrySGD 6.80
Hazelnut CocoaSGD 5.50
LARGE Hazelnut CocoaSGD 7.40
Ice Blended Dark ChocolateSGD 6.20
LARGE Ice Blended Dark ChocolateSGD 7.60
Ice Blended MochaSGD 6.20
LARGE Ice Blended MochaSGD 7.60

Woobbee Yakult & Juices Menu

Citron Honey JuiceSGD 4.80
LARGE Citron Honey JuiceSGD 6.60
Fresh Lemon Honey JuiceSGD 5.10
LARGE Fresh Lemon Honey JuiceSGD 6.90
Yakult Green TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Yakult Green TeaSGD 6.00
Yakult Oolong TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Yakult Oolong TeaSGD 6.00
Yakult Pinkgrapefruit GTSGD 4.90
LARGE Yakult Pinkgrapefruit GTSGD 6.70
Grape Yakult Earl Grey TeaSGD 4.40
LARGE Grape Yakult Earl Grey TeaSGD 6.00
Fresh Orange + YakultSGD 4.80
Ice Blended Citrus RoyaleSGD 6.20
LARGE Ice Blended Citrus RoyaleSGD 7.60
Ice Blended Summer BerrySGD 6.20
LARGE Ice Blended Summer BerrySGD 7.60
Fresh Apple + YakultSGD 4.80

Woobbee Treat Your Grab Driver Menu

Classic Green Tea w/ PearlsSGD 3.40
WB Milk Tea w/ PearlsSGD 3.90

Woobbee Others Menu

Woobbee Eco BagSGD 4.00

Is Woobbee Singapore Halal?

NO, Woobbee food is not halal certified.

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