Una Una Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

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In this article, We will share the complete Una Una Bugis Singapore menu and the prices.

una una menu

Una Una Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Una Una serves Hitsumabushi, Unajyu, Beef, Rolls, Edamame, Grilled Squid, Salmon, Chicken, Beverages, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Una Una Signatures Menu

Unagi HitsumabushiSGD 18.31
Spicy HitsumabushiSGD 19.94

Una Una Signatures Menu

Una Una Unagi Mains Menu

UnajyuSGD 21.58
Spicy UnajyuSGD 23.21
Unagi Beef JyuSGD 29.21
Unagi Sashimi GozenSGD 32.48
Unagi Sushi Roll SetSGD 20.49
Unagi Kabayaki SetSGD 36.84
Unagi Kaisen KyuSGD 29.21
Unagi Pork JyuSGD 28.12

Una Una Mains Menu Una Una Mains Menu 2

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Una Una Appetizer Menu

EdamameSGD 4.14
Ikura ChawanmushiSGD 8.50
Unagi ChawanmushiSGD 7.41
TakowasabiSGD 6.32
Salmon CarpaccioSGD 12.86
Shime Saba AburiSGD 12.86
Sashimi SaladSGD 13.95
Unagi SaladSGD 13.95
Potato SaladSGD 5.23
Mentaiko Potato SaladSGD 6.32

Una Una Appetizer Menu

Una Una Roll Menu

Philadelphia RollSGD 18.31
Unagi RollSGD 20.49
California RollSGD 13.95
Mentaiko RollSGD 19.40

Una Una Rolls Menu

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Una Una Grilled Menu

Grilled SquidSGD 19.40
Grilled SalmonSGD 12.86
Grilled Salmon MentaiSGD 13.95
Grilled Chicken Yuzu PepperSGD 12.86
Grilled Chicken TeriyakiSGD 12.86

Una Una grilled Menu

Una Una Deep Fried Menu

Chicken KaraageSGD 10.68
Ebi FrySGD 10.68
Mentaiko GyozaSGD 10.68
TakoyakiSGD 10.68

Una Una Other Mains Menu

Salmon & Barachirashi JyuSGD 25.94
Kaisen Ikura HitsumabushiSGD 19.40
Chicken HitsumabushiSGD 15.04
Salmon JyuSGD 18.31
Beef JyuSGD 20.49
Pork JyuSGD 19.40
Beef Chicken JyuSGD 20.49
Kake UdonSGD 10.68
Beef Kake UdonSGD 16.13
Zaru SobaSGD 10.68

Una Una Add On Menu

RiceSGD 3.84

Una Una Beverages Menu

CokeSGD 3.81
Coke ZeroSGD 3.81
SpriteSGD 3.81
AyatakaSGD 3.81
Dasani WaterSGD 2.52

Una Una beverages Menu

Is Una Una Bugis Singapore Halal?

NO, Una Una Bugis food is not halal certified.

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