Sharetea Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

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In this article, We will share the complete Sharetea Singapore menu and the prices.

Sharetea menu

Sharetea Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Sharetea serves Milk Tea, Brewed Tea, Fruit Tea, Ice Cream, Yakult, Fresh Milk, Smoothie, Macchiato, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Sharetea singapore menu

Sharetea Milk Tea Classic Flavors Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Classic Milk TeaSGD 3.40SGD 4.40
Earl Grey Honey Milk TeaSGD 4.10SGD 5.10
Pearl Milk TeaSGD 3.80SGD 4.80
Homemade Pudding Milk TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.20
Grass Jelly Milk TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.20
Lychee De Coco Milk TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.20
Honey Milk TeaSGD 4.10SGD 5.10
Winter Melon Milk TeaSGD 3.70SGD 4.70
Matcha Red Bean Milk TeaSGD 4.60SGD 5.60
Oolong Milk TeaSGD 3.40SGD 4.40
Green Milk TeaSGD 3.40SGD 4.40
Red Bean Milk TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.20
Longan Red Date Milk TeaSGD 3.80SGD 4.80

Sharetea Milk Tea Contemporary Flavors Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Okinawa Milk TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.20
Taro White Pearls Milk TeaSGD 4.50SGD 5.50
Cocoa FlavorSGD 4.10SGD 5.10
QQ Happy Family Milk TeaSGD 4.40SGD 5.40
Avocado ParadiseSGD 4.50SGD 5.50
Hokkaido Milk TeaSGD 4.10SGD 5.10
Mango Milk TeaSGD 3.90SGD 4.90
Creamy CornSGD 3.70SGD 4.70

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Sharetea Classic Milk Tea Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Golden Pearl Milk TeaSGD 4.00SGD 5.00
Ice Cream Milk TeaSGD 4.40SGD 5.40
Ice Cream Milk TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.20
Matcha LatteSGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Taro Milk Tea with Crunchy Jelly BallsSGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Hazelnut Milk TeaSGD 4.10SGD 5.10
Avocado Milk TeaSGD 4.50SGD 5.50
QQ – Milk Tea with 6 ToppingsSGD 4.40SGD 5.50
Iced CocoaSGD 4.60SGD 5.60

Sharetea Cold Brew Blends Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Oolong Milk TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Jasmine Milk TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Earl Grey Milk TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60

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Sharetea Macchiato Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Wintermelon MacchiatoSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Earl Grey MacchiatoSGD 3.80SGD 4.80
Oolong MacchiatoSGD 3.80SGD 4.80
Jasmine MacchiatoSGD 3.80SGD 4.80

Sharetea Brewed Tea Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Winter Melon TeaSGD 2.60SGD 3.60
Honey Green / Red / Oolong TeaSGD 3.20SGD 4.20
Green Tea / Red Tea / Oolong TeaSGD 2.50SGD 3.50
Longan Red DateSGD 3.20SGD 4.20

Sharetea restaurant menu

Sharetea Fruit Tea Refreshing Flavors Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Mixed Berries Iced Tea + Ai Yu JellySGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Earl Grey Orange Iced TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Honey Grape Fruit Iced TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Passion Fruit Honey Iced TeaSGD 4.10SGD 5.10
Honey LemonSGD 3.50SGD 4.50
Strawberry Iced TeaSGD 3.30SGD 4.30
Peach Fruit TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Mongo Green TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Orange Green TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Honey Aloe VeraSGD 3.60SGD 4.60

Sharetea Fruit Tea Tangy Flavors Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Ume Plum Fruit TeaSGD 3.30SGD 4.30
Fruity Fruit TeaSGD 3.90SGD 4.90
Lime Green / Red TeaSGD 3.30SGD 4.30
Passion Fruit Citrus Iced TeaSGD 3.90SGD 4.90
Sour Plum Iced TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60
Passion Fruit Green / Red TeaSGD 3.60SGD 4.60

Sharetea Ice Cream Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Ice Cream Milk TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.20
Ice Cream Cocoa FlavorSGD 4.90SGD 5.90

Sharetea Yakult Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Yakult Green TeaSGD 4.10SGD 5.10
Yakult Lime Green TeaSGD 4.60SGD 5.60
Yakult PeachSGD 4.70SGD 5.70

Sharetea Smoothie Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Mixed Berries Ice Blended with Ice Cream & Lychee De CocoSGD 6.10SGD 7.10
Grape Fruit Lime Ice Blended with white PearlsSGD 6.10SGD 7.10
Passion Fruit Ice Blended with White PearlsSGD 5.90SGD 6.90
Yam Smoothie with PuddingSGD 6.50
Strawberry Smoothie with Lychee De CocoSGD 6.50
Mango Smoothie with Ice CreamSGD 6.50

Sharetea Artisan Creme Sea Salt / Vanilla Creme Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Winter Melon Tea with creamSGD 3.40SGD 4.40
Green Tea / Red Tea / oolong with creamSGD 3.30SGD 4.30
Mango Green tea with creamSGD 4.10SGD 5.10

Sharetea Fresh Milk Menu

MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Matcha LatteSGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Chocolate Fresh MilkSGD 4.70SGD 5.70
Grass Jelly Fresh MilkSGD 4.30SGD 5.30

Is Sharetea Singapore Halal?

Yes, Sharetea food is halal certified.

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