Seoul Garden Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

If you are a Korean Food lover in Singapore and are looking for Seoul Garden Menu and price list in Singapore, then you are at the right place.

In this article, We will share the complete Seoul Garden Singapore menu and the prices.

Seoul Garden menu

Seoul Garden Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Seoul Garden serves Ginseng Chicken, Soon Dubu, Kimchi, Doenjang, Duyu Hot Pot, Army Stew, Bibimbap, Hot Plate, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Seoul Garden Ginseng Chicken Menu

Ginseng Chicken Hot PotSGD 22.70
Ginseng Chicken w/ Collagen Hot PotSGD 32.80
Ginseng Black Chicken Hot PotSGD 24.20
Ginseng Black Chicken w/ Collagen Hot PotSGD 34.30

Seoul Garden Soon Dubu Menu

Salmon Spicy Soon Dubu Hot PotSGD 21.70
Seafood Spicy Soon Dubu Hot PotSGD 21.70
Beef Spicy Soon Dubu Hot PotSGD 19.20
Chicken Spicy Soon Dubu Hot PotSGD 19.20

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Seoul Garden Kimchi Menu

Kimchi Braised Beef Hot PotSGD 20.70
Kimchi Chicken Hot PotSGD 19.20
Kimchi Salmon Hot PotSGD 21.70
Kimchi Seafood Hot PotSGD 21.70
Kimchi Beef Hot PotSGD 19.20

Seoul Garden Doenjang Menu

Doenjang Beef Hot PotSGD 19.20
Doenjang Chicken Hot PotSGD 19.20
Doenjang Seafood Hot PotSGD 21.70
Doenjang Salmon Hot PotSGD 21.70
Doenjang Omega Collagen Booster Hot PotSGD 31.80

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Seoul Garden Duyu Hot Pot Menu

Duyu Beef Hot PotSGD 19.20
Duyu Chicken Hot PotSGD 19.20
Duyu Salmon Hot PotSGD 21.70
Duyu Seafood Hot PotSGD 21.70
Duyu Omega Collagen Booster Hot PotSGD 31.80

Seoul Garden Army Stew Menu

Beef Army StewSGD 19.20
Chicken Army StewSGD 19.20
Salmon Army StewSGD 21.70
Seafood Army StewSGD 21.70
Braised Beef Army StewSGD 20.70

Seoul Garden Bibimbap Menu

Salmon BibimbapSGD 20.20
Beef Bulgogi BibimbapSGD 17.70
Chicken Bulgogi BibimbapSGD 15.50
Dark Twigim Bibimbap w/ Cheese SauceSGD 15.10

Seoul Garden Banchan Combo Menu

Drumlettes 3pcs + Yuba 4pcsSGD 8.60
Drumlettes 3pcs + Sweet Potato FriesSGD 8.60
Drumlettes 3pcs + Mandu 3pcsSGD 8.60
Drumlettes 3pcs + Korean pancakeSGD 12.10

Seoul Garden Banchan Sides Menu

Beef japchaeSGD 15.10
Chicken JapchaeSGD 14.10
Prawn JapchaeSGD 15.10
Japchae (Meat-Free)SGD 11.60
Mixed Brown RiceSGD 1.20
Kimgaru RiceSGD 2.50
Korean RamyeonSGD 2.30
Dak Twigim w/ Cheese DipSGD 10.60
Korean PancakeSGD 9.10
Sweet Potato Fries w/ Cheese DipSGD 6.60
Seaweed YubaSGD 5.60
5pcs ManduSGD 8.10
5 Pcs Original DrumlettesSGD 9.10
5 Pcs Korean Soy DrumlettesSGD 9.10
5 Pcs Hot & Spicy DrumlettesSGD 9.10

Seoul Garden Hot Plate Menu

Kimchi Chicken Hot PlateSGD 17.70
Kimchi Chicken Hot Plate Non-SpicySGD 17.70
Bulgogi Lamb Hot PlateSGD 19.70
Bulgogi Lamb Hot Plate Non-SpicySGD 19.70
Champong Squid Hot PlateSGD 19.70
Champong Squid Hot Plate Non-SpicySGD 19.70
Marinated Beef Hot PlateSGD 18.70
Marinated Beef Hot Plate Non-SpicySGD 18.70
Spicy Beef Shot Ribs Hot PlateSGD 24.20

Is Seoul Garden Singapore Halal?

Yes, Seoul Garden food is halal certified.

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