PastaMania Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

If you are a Pasta lover in Singapore and are looking for PastaMania Menu and price list in Singapore, then you are at the right place.

In this article, We will share the complete PastaMania Singapore menu and the prices.

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PastaMania Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

PastaMania serves Aglio Pasta, Creamy Pasta, Tomato Pasta, Fusion Pasta, Pizza, Rice, Desserts, Beverages, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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PastaMania Aglio Pasta Menu

Aglio OlioSGD 7.90
Chicken Bacon AglioSGD 10.50
Prawn AglioSGD 12.20

PastaMania Creamy Pasta Menu

Creamy ChickenSGD 11.90
Cheesy Crumble Chicken BaconSGD 9.90
Cheese Crumble Chicken HamSGD 9.90
Al FunghiSGD 10.50
AlfredoSGD 11.90
CarbonaraSGD 12.80
Cheesy CrumbleSGD 7.90
Truffle TrioSGD 13.80

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PastaMania Tomato Pasta Menu

Spicy ChickenSGD 9.90
PomodoroSGD 7.90
ArrabiataSGD 8.20
Beef BologneseSGD 9.90
Chicken SausageSGD 10.20
Beef MeatballsSGD 12.20
VongoleSGD 12.90
Chicken BologneseSGD 12.90
Chicken Cheese SalsicciaSGD 12.90
MarinaraSGD 13.80

PastaMania Fusion Pasta Menu

Basil Chicken AglioSGD 9.90
Seafood Tom YumSGD 13.80
Seafood MalaSGD 13.80
Seafood ZuppaSGD 13.80
Salted Egg ChickenSGD 13.80
Otah AglioSGD 13.80
Kecap Manis Chicken BaconSGD 12.80

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PastaMania Pizza Menu

MenuPrice 7″Price 10″
MargheritaSGD 9.90SGD 13.90
Chicken Ham & MushroomSGD 10.90SGD 14.90
HawaiianSGD 10.90SGD 14.90
Hot Basil ChickenSGD 10.90SGD 14.90
VegetarianSGD 10.90SGD 14.90
Beef PepperoniSGD 11.90SGD 15.90
Meat LoversSGD 11.90SGD 15.90
Truffle MushroomSGD 11.90SGD 15.90

PastaMania Baked Rice Menu

Chicken Ham & Chicken Sausage Baked RiceSGD 11.50
Mushroom Baked riceSGD 10.90

PastaMania Great for Sharing Menu

Cheddar Cheese SticksSGD 6.50
Honey Garlic ChickenSGD 6.50
Cheesy Garlic Bread TrioSGD 4.00
Crispy Chicken FilletSGD 6.50
CalamariSGD 6.80
Waffle Potato with Nacho CheeseSGD 6.20
Garlic BreadSGD 3.00
Chicken MinestroneSGD 3.90
Chicken WingsSGD 7.20
Cream of MushroomSGD 3.90
Mala Chicken WingsSGD 7.20

PastaMania Desserts Menu

Choco Banana PizzaSGD 6.90
Choco Banana BrownieSGD 7.90
Nutty Cioccolato BrownieSGD 7.90
Nutty Cioccolato PizzaSGD 6.90
Udders – Dark Chocolate, Cookie & CreamSGD 4.60

PastaMania Beverages Menu

Signature Drinks (Carafee)
Calamansi CoolerSGD 5.50
Honey Lemon RefresherSGD 5.50
Indigo Lemonade SodaSGD 5.50
Passion Tea QuencherSGD 5.50
Italian Sodas (Sparkling)
Passion FruitSGD 5.50
StrawberrySGD 5.50
Cold Drinks
Coca-Cola Original Taste Less SugarSGD 3.00
Coca-Cola Zero SugarSGD 3.00
SpriteSGD 3.00
Fanta GraoeSGD 3.00
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 3.30
Iced Green TeaSGD 3.30
Drinking WaterSGD 2.90
Vida Zero Original CitrusSGD 3.30
Vida C BlackcurrantSGD 3.30
Coconut WaterSGD 3.90
Iced MiloSGD 4.30
Hot Drinks
Camomile TeaSGD 3.60
Earl Grey TeaSGD 3.60
English BreakfastSGD 3.60
Hot MiloSGD 3.80
CappiccinoSGD 4.60
LatteSGD 1.60
Long BlackSGD 3.50

Is PastaMania Singapore Halal?

Yes, PastaMania food is halal certified.

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