Monster Curry Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

If you are a Curry lover in Singapore and are looking for Monster Curry Menu and price list in Singapore, then you are at the right place.

In this article, We will share the complete Monster Curry Singapore menu and the prices.

Monster Curry menu

Monster Curry Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Monster Curry serves Katsu Curry, Seafood Curry, Curry Ramen, Combo Curry, Burger, Salad, Honey Toast, Beverages, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Monster Curry Katsu Curry Menu

Pork Katsu CurrySGD 14.90
Chicken Katsu CurrySGD 14.90

Monster Curry Seafood Curry Menu

Fried Shrimp CurrySGD 14.90
Fried Fish CurrySGD 15.50
Shrimp Tempura CurrySGD 15.50
Salmon Fry Omelette CurrySGD 16.00

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Monster Curry Ramen Menu

Combo Curry Ramen SetSGD 20.90
Chashu Curry RamenSGD 16.50
Premium Jumbo Ebi & Curry Ramen SetSGD 16.90
Chicken Karaage & Curry Ramen SetSGD 15.90
Chicken Katsu & Curry Ramen SetSGD 17.90
Pork Katsu & Curry Ramen SetSGD 17.90
Curry RamenSGD 13.90

Monster Curry Combo Curry Menu

Monster Combo CurrySGD 32.00
Mountain Monster CurrySGD 29.90
Sea Monster CurrySGD 32.00
Monster Egg CurrySGD 29.90
Flame Monster CurrySGD 29.90

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Monster Curry Original Curry Menu

Natto & Egg CurrySGD 13.90
Cheese Omelette CurrySGD 13.90
Pork Shabu-Shabu Omelette CurrySGD 15.90
Tori Karaage CurrySGD 14.50
Sausage CurrySGD 14.90
Teriyaki Chicken CurrySGD 16.90
Monster Premium Steak CurrySGD 22.00

Monster Curry Jumbo EBI Curry Menu

The Ebi PowerpuffSGD 16.90
Tako! Tako!SGD 14.90
The Best of Both WorldsSGD 15.90

Monster Curry Burger Menu

Monster Pork Katsu BurgerSGD 13.90
Supreme Beef BurgerSGD 14.90
Monster Fish BurgerSGD 13.90
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerSGD 13.50
Chicken Katsu BurgerSGD 13.90

Monster Curry Salad Menu

Crispy Pork Katsu SaladSGD 13.90
Golden Chicken Katsu SaladSGD 12.90
Big Fried Fish SaladSGD 14.00
Chicken Karaage SaladSGD 11.50
Jumbo Premium Ebi SaladSGD 13.90

Monster Curry Honey Toast Menu

Chocolaty Banana Honey ToastSGD 10.90
Caramel with Marshmallows Honey ToastSGD 11.50
Tangy Mango Honey ToastSGD 11.90
Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey ToastSGD 12.90
Mixed Berries Honey ToastSGD 11.90

Monster Curry Beverages Menu

CappuccinoSGD 3.90
LatteSGD 3.90
Caramel LatteSGD 4.50
Hazelnut LatteSGD 4.50
Coffee AmericanoSGD 2.90
MochaSGD 4.50
Ice Blended Drinks
SoursopSGD 4.90
CalamansiSGD 4.90
GuavaSGD 5.50
MangoSGD 5.50
Bandung with Chin Chow JellySGD 4.90
Sour PlumSGD 4.90
Cold Beverage
Mango JuiceSGD 3.90
Lime JuiceSGD 3.90
Lemon JuiceSGD 3.90
Cranberry JuiceSGD 3.90
Shiquasa MojitoSGD 5.50
Cranberry Lemonade MocktailSGD 4.90
Mango Calpis MocktailSGD 4.90

Is Monster Curry Singapore Halal?

NO, Monster Curry food is not halal certified.

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