Kimly Zi Char Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

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kimly zi char menu

Kimly Zi Char Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Kimly Zi Char serves Rice. Noodles, Prawn, Fish, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Vension, Soup, Bean Curd, Drinks, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Kimly Zi Char Rice Menu

Yang Zhou Fried RiceSGD 5.50
Egg Fried Rice (New!)SGD 5.50
Seafood Fried RiceSGD 6.35
Chicken Cube Fried RiceSGD 6.15
Salted Fish Fried RiceSGD 6.15
Sambal Fried RiceSGD 6.15
Sliced Fish Fried RiceSGD 6.35

Kimly Zi Char Mini Wok Rice Menu

Assorted Mixed Veg RiceSGD 7.45
Traditional Prawn Roll RiceSGD 7.45
Brown Sauce Pork Rib RiceSGD 7.45
Sweet & Sour Pork RiceSGD 7.45
Fragrant Spice Pork RiceSGD 7.45
Special Sauce Pork RiceSGD 7.45
Shredded Ginger Pork RiceSGD 7.45
Shredded Ginger Chicken Cube RiceSGD 7.45
Gong Bao Chicken Cube RiceSGD 7.45
Black Pepper Chicken Cube RiceSGD 7.45
Curry Chicken Cube RiceSGD 7.45
Nonya Chicken Cube RiceSGD 7.45
Creamy Chicken Ball RiceSGD 7.45
Thai Style Chicken Cutlet RiceSGD 7.45
Lemon Chicken Cutlet RiceSGD 7.45
Salad Chicken Cutlet RiceSGD 7.45
Cereal Chicken Cutlet RiceSGD 7.45
Black Pepper Sliced Fish RiceSGD 7.65
Nonya Sliced Fish RiceSGD 7.65
Ginger & Onion Sliced Fish RiceSGD 7.65
Curry Sliced Fish RiceSGD 7.65
Salted Egg Sliced Fish RiceSGD 7.65
Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish RiceSGD 7.65
Sambal Petai Shrimp RiceSGD 8.95
Bean Sauce Venison RiceSGD 8.95
Nonya Venison RiceSGD 8.95
Black Pepper Venison RiceSGD 8.95
Curry Venison RiceSGD 8.95
Gong Bao Venison RiceSGD 8.95
Spring Onion & Ginger Venison RiceSGD 8.95

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Kimly Zi Char Noodles Menu

Hokkien MeeSGD 5.50
Bean Sauce Hor FunSGD 5.50
Seafood Hor FunSGD 6.15
Seafood Bee HoonSGD 6.15
Seafood Yi MianSGD 6.80
Seafood Dry Hor FunSGD 7.00
Seafood Crispy NoodleSGD 7.00
Hong Kong Fried NoodleSGD 6.80
Seafood Mee GorengSGD 6.80
San Lor Sliced Fish Hor FunSGD 6.80
Singapore Bee Hoon (New!)SGD 6.80
Thai Style Seafood VermicelliSGD 7.00
La La Seafood White Bee HoonSGD 8.30

Kimly Zi Char Fish Head Menu

Kimly Nonya Assam Fish HeadSGD 27.00
Kimly Claypot Curry Fish HeadSGD 27.00
Claypot Braised Fish HeadSGD 27.00

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Kimly Zi Char Pork Menu

Sweet & Sour PorkSGD 14.00
Fragrant Roasted MeatSGD 14.00
Fragrant PorkSGD 14.00
Garlic Fermented Bean Curd Fried PorkSGD 14.00
Marmite Pork RibSGD 14.00

Kimly Zi Char Chicken Menu

Gong Bao Chicken CubeSGD 14.00
Prawn Paste Mid-wingSGD 14.00
Marmite Chicken BallSGD 14.00
Creamy & Salted Egg Chicken BallSGD 16.60
Taiwanese Wine ChickenSGD 16.60
Crispy Thai Chicken with MangoSGD 17.90
Lemon ChickenSGD 17.90
Kimly Crispy Whole ChickenSGD 21.80

Kimly Zi Char Vegetables Menu

XO Sauce Di Huang MiaoSGD 10.90
Taiwanese Wine Fried Brinjal & French BeanSGD 10.90
Petai Prawn with SambalSGD 16.10
Four Treasure VegetableSGD 13.50
Mushroom BroccoliSGD 13.50
Luo Han Mixed VegetablesSGD 13.50
Twin Mushroom Dou Bao CabbageSGD 13.50

Kimly Zi Char Bean Curd Menu

Bean Curd Skin Prawn RollSGD 12.20
Kimly Homemade TofuSGD 13.50
Fish Floss TofuSGD 13.50
Minced Meat Homemade TofuSGD 13.50
Seafood TofuSGD 14.00

Kimly Zi Char Seafood Menu

Seafood Yam RingSGD 21.80
Salad Meat Floss You TiaoSGD 13.50
Butter Cereal SotongSGD 16.10
Salted Egg SotongSGD 16.10
Seafood Superior PotSGD 26.50

Kimly Zi Char Vension Menu

Spring Onion, Ginger & White Pepper VenisonSGD 20.50
Spring Onion & Ginger VenisonSGD 20.50
Gong Bao VenisonSGD 20.50

Kimly Zi Char Prawn Menu

Creamy Salted Egg Prawn BallSGD 23.90
Butter Salted Egg Prawn BallSGD 23.90
Traditional Fried PrawnSGD 23.90
Sambal Prawn BallSGD 23.90
Butter Cereal PrawnSGD 23.90

Kimly Zi Char Soup Menu

Seafood Amaranth SoupSGD 7.00
Bittergourd Soup With Sliced FishSGD 7.00
Seafood, Salted Vegetables & Bean Curd SoupSGD 7.00
Tom Yam SoupSGD 8.30
Fish Maw Seafood SoupSGD 9.60
Fish Maw Thick SoupSGD 26.50

Kimly Zi Char Drinks Menu

Pokka Green TeaSGD 1.80
Coke ZeroSGD 1.80
Pokka Chrysanthemum TeaSGD 1.80
Authentic Tea House Da Hong Pao OolongSGD 1.80
Fuze Tea Jasmine Green TeaSGD 1.80

Is Kimly Zi Char Singapore Halal?

No, Kimly Zi Char food is not halal certified.

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