Jack’s Place Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

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In this article, We will share the complete Jack’s Place Singapore menu and the prices.

Jack's Place menu

Jack’s Place Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Jack’s Place serves Appetizers, Salad, Soup, Tenderloin, Beef, Lobster, Fish, Chicken, Pasta, Rice, Sides, Beverages, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Jack’s Place Appetizers & Sides Menu

Oysters Natural with Mignonette Sauce (3 Pcs/6 Pcs)SGD 13.80/SGD 27.00
Oysters Topped with Mango Salsa (3 Pcs/6 Pcs)SGD 27.00
Crispy Sampler PlatterSGD 16.50
Lobster & Crab Stuffed MushroomsSGD 12.50
Crispy Calamari RingsSGD 7.50
Escargots in Shell with Garlic Butter (6 Pcs/12 Pcs)SGD 11.50/SGD 22.00
Cheesy Mayo Steak FriesSGD 6.50
Scallops BienvilleSGD 12.00
Golden Chicken Wings (4pcs)SGD 6.50
Prawn CocktailSGD 8.00
Bolognese Cheese FriesSGD 8.50
Curly Truffle Fries with Parmesan CheeseSGD 8.80
Curly FriesSGD 5.20
Sweet Potato FriesSGD 6.00

Jack’s Place Soup & Salad Menu

Signature Lobster BisqueSGD 6.80
Cream of Shiitake MushroomSGD 5.80
Soup of the DaySGD 5.20
Caesar salad with Lava EggSGD 9.50
Mesclun SaladSGD 5.20
Jack’s Seafood SaladSGD 13.80
Prawn & Mango SaladSGD 13.50
Teriyaki Chicken SaladSGD 9.00
Meat-Free Chargrilled Pieces SaladSGD 11.50

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Jack’s Place Signature Tenderloin Menu

Jack’s Special SteakSGD 31.50
Tenderloin with Escargots au BeurreSGD 33.00
Fire SteakSGD 31.00
Mushroom Onion SteakSGD 31.00
Ultimate Turf & SurfSGD 33.00
Sambal SteakSGD 31.00
Black Pepper SteakSGD 31.00
Bacon Filet Mignon with Truffle ButterSGD 32.00

Jack’s Place Beef Menu

N.Z. Ribeye SteakSGD 28.50
N.Z. Striploin SteakSGD 24.50
N.Z. T-Bone SteakSGD 31.00
MS 4/5 Wagyu Ribeye SteakSGD 52.80
MS 4/5 Wagyu Striploin SteakSGD 49.80
N.Z. Lamb ChopsSGD 23.50
Braised N.Z. Lamb ShankSHD 29.50

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Jack’s Place Combo Grills Menu

Jack’s Mixed GrillSGD 25.00
Fire Trio ComboSGD 25.50
Ribeye Steak & Fish FilletSGD 26.50
Striploin Steak & Slipper LobsterSGD 27.00
Chicken Steak & SausageSGD 17.50
Striploin & Chicken SteakSGD 23.00
Battered Fish & Chicken SteakSGD 18.00
Striploin Steak & Cheesy PrawnSGD 24.00
Lamb Chops & Fish FilletSGD 20.00
Triple Meat GrillSGD 21.00
Slipper Lobster & Chicken SteakSGD 22.50

Jack’s Place Lobster Menu

Lobster au GratinSGD 48.00
Jack’s Classic Lobster ThermidorSGD 48.00
Grilled LobsterSGD 48.00

Jack’s Place Fish Menu

Grilled Salmon with Crispy GarlicSGD 23.00
Baked Salmon with Béarnaise SauceSGD 23.00
Grilled Barramundi with Hollandaise SauceSGD 21.50
New England’s Fish & ChipsSGD 15.50
Jack’s Breaded Fish & ChipsSGD 15.50

Jack’s Place Chicken Menu

Jack’s Sizzling Chicken SteakSGD 17.00
BBQ Chicken Steak with PineappleSGD 15.50
Chicken Cutlet with Salted Egg SauceSGD 15.50
Crispy Chicken with Cheesy Tomato SauceSGD 15.50

Jack’s Place Pasta & Rice Menu

Jack’s Classic Beef BologneseSGD 15.00
CarbonaraSGD 14.50
Seafood MarinaraSGD 17.50
Truffle Mushroom PastaSGD 13.80
Chicken & Mushroom AlfredoSGD 15.00
Slipper Lobster & Aglio OlioSGD 18.00
Grandma’s Braised Beef StewSGD 18.50
Jack’s Fried Rice with Breaded ChickenSGD 13.80

Jack’s Place Kids Menu

Minute SteakSGD 9.80
Kid’s Fish & ChipsSGD 8.00
Chicken Sausage & EggSGD 8.00
Spaghetti BologneseSGD 8.00
Chicken Nuggets & FriesSGD 8.00

Jack’s Place Desserts & Gelato Sundae Menu

Apple Pie / Brownie a la ModeSGD 8.50
Cheesecake BitesSGD 4.80
Mixed Fresh Fruit CubesSGD 4.50
Jack’s Banana BoatSGD 9.00
Heavenly Chocolate SundaeSGD 7.50
Mango Jelly Delight SundaeSGD 7.50
Happy Tipsy GelatoSGD 8.50
Hibiscus GelatoSGD 7.50
Gelato Ice CreamSGD 7.00

Jack’s Place Menu

Jellicious Mango FloatSGD 4.80
A&W Sarsaparilla (Root Beer) FloatSGD 4.80
Coca Cola FloatSGD 4.30
Sprite FloatSGD 4.30
A&W Sarsaparilla (Root Beer)SGD 4.00
Coca-Cola Zero SugarSGD 4.00
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 3.50
Coca-Cola Original TasteSGD 3.00
SpriteSGD 3.00
Premium Iced TeaSGD 4.30
Perrier (Sparkling)SGD 5.00
Bottled WaterSGD 2.00
Iced / Warm Water (Per Glass)SGD 0.50

Is Jack’s Place Singapore Halal?

No, Jack’s Place food is not halal certified.

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