Hard Rock Cafe Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

If you are a Western Food lover in Singapore and are looking for Hard Rock Cafe Menu and price list in Singapore, then you are at the right place.

In this article, We will share the complete Hard Rock Cafe Singapore menu and the prices.

hard rock cafe menu

Hard Rock Cafe Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Hard Rock Cafe serves Steak, Fajitas, Sandwiches, Burger, Salads, Sides, Dessert, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Hard Rock Cafe Specialty Entrees Menu

Cowboy RibeyeSGD 59.90
Baby Back RibsSGD 44.90
Twisted Mac, Chicken & CheeseSGD 33.10
Grilled Norwegian SalmonSGD 37.40
New York Strip SteakSGD 54.50
Famous FajitasSGD 28.85
Tupelo Chicken TendersSGD 26.70

Hard Rock Cafe Starters & Shareables Menu

Traditional Potato SkinsSGD 21.35
Classic NachosSGD 32.00
One Night In Bangkok Spicy ShrimpSGD 21.35
WingsSGD 21.35

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Hard Rock Cafe Sandwiches Menu

Bbq Pulled Pork SandwichSGD 31.00
Grilled Chicken SandwichSGD 28.85

Hard Rock Cafe Steak Burgers Menu

Original Legendary BurgerSGD 32.00
The Big CheeseburgerSGD 32.00
Bbq Bacon CheeseburgerSGD 32.00
Beyond BurgerSGD 32.00

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Hard Rock Cafe Salads Menu

Fresh Beet SaladSGD 24.55
California-style Cobb SaladSGD 29.90

Hard Rock Cafe A la Carte Sides Menu

Seasoned FriedSGD 8.50
Fresh VegetablesSGD 9.60
Twisted Mac & CheeseSGD 13.85
Cheese Fries With BaconSGD 9.60
Golden Mashed PotatoesSGD 9.60
Golden Onion Ring TowerSGD 8.50
House Side SaladSGD 8.50
Fresh Beet Side SaladSGD 9.60
Classic Caesar Side SaladSGD 9.60

Hard Rock Cafe Local Favorites Menu

Fish And ChipsSGD 29.90
Chili Crab DipSGD 21.35

Hard Rock Cafe Rock the Wok Menu

Nasi GorengSGD 22.40
Seafood Char Kway TeowSGD 22.40

Hard Rock Cafe Dessert Menu

Hot Fudge BrownieSGD 18.15

Is Hard Rock Cafe Singapore Halal?

NO, Hard Rock Cafe food is not halal certified.

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