Fotia Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

If you are a Meat lover in Singapore and are looking for Fotia Menu and price list in Singapore, then you are at the right place.

In this article, We will share the complete Fotia Singapore menu and the prices.

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Fotia Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Fotia serves Chicken Skewer Wrap, Gemista, Peinirli, Fish, Seafood, Grilled Skewers, Salads, Pita Bread, Mezze, Desserts, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Fotia Traditional Recipes Menu

Iman BaildiSGD 16.90
Kaserli KebabSGD 26.50
GemistaSGD 16.90

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Fotia Charcoal Grilled Skewers Menu

Chicken SkewerSGD 18.00
KontosouvliSGD 30.80

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Fotia Fish & Seafood Menu

GlaridesSGD 71.50
Skoumbri KapnistoSGD 19.00
Fresh Catch of the day (Seabass)SGD 73.50

Fotia Wrapped in Pita Bread Menu

Chicken Skewer WrapSGD 15.85
Veggie & Spicy Eggplant wrapSGD 14.75
PeinirliSGD 15.85
Beef Skewer WrapSGD 20.10

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Fotia Salads & Homemade Dips Menu

Greek SaladSGD 14.75
Cretan Dakos SaladSGD 14.75
Chili PasteSGD 5.35
TaramaosalataSGD 14.75
TzazikiSGD 14.75
TikoafteriSGD 15.85
Aegean EggplantSGD 15.85
Santorinia FavaSGD 13.70
Spicy Habanero SauceSGD 5.35

Fotia Pita Bread & Potatoes Menu

Pita BreadSGD 3.45
Koulouri ThessalonkisSGD 4.15
Patates Tiganites & Creamy Feta CheeseSGD 13.70
Elies KalamonSGD 7.25
Patates TiganitesSGD 11.50

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Fotia Mezze Menu

SpanakopitaSGD 20.10
DolmadakiaSGD 19.05
Cheese PlatterSGD 39.39
Padrone Pepper & Sea SaltSGD 15.85
Bougiourdi EggplantSGD 19.05

Fotia Desserts Menu

KunefeSGD 20.10
Baklawa PagotoSGD 19.05
Bougatsa CreamSGD 16.90

Is Fotia Singapore Halal?

No, Fotia food is not halal certified.

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