Dutch Colony Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

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Dutch Colony Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Dutch Colony serves Breakfast, Salads, Pasta, Mains, Rice Bowls, Sides, Coffee, Tea, Shakes, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Dutch Colony Breakfast Menu

Hearty BraskfastSGD 21.00
French ToastSGD 19.00
House PamcakesSGD 17.00
Salmon BenedictSGD 18.00
Breakfast BagelSGD 17.00
Salmon BagelSGD 18.00
Chicken WafflesSGD 18.00
PBA ToastSGD 12.00
Blackberry & Feta ToastSGD 14.00
Lemon Ricotta & Tomato ToastSGD 12.00
Truffled Egg Mayo CroissantSGD 12.00
Ham & Cheese CroissantSGD 12.00
Granola BowlSGD 14.00
Eggs & ToastSGD 6.00

Dutch Colony Rice Bowls Menu

Beef w/ Yakiniku SauceSGD 19.00
Salmon w/ Wasabi Soy DressingSGD 18.00
Chicken w/ Teriyaki SauceSGD 18.00
Tempeh w/ Kicap Manis MayoSGD 17.00

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Dutch Colony Pasta Menu

Seafood Marinara LinguineSGD 19.00
Chicken Pesto LinguineSGD 18.00
Truffle Mushroom LinguineSGD 17.00
Black Garlic Aglio Olio LinguineSGD 16.00
Carbonara LinguineSGD 16.00
Cheesy Bacon FusilliSGD 14.00

Dutch Colony Mains Menu

Australian Sirloin SteakSGD 26.00
Herbs Crusted SalmonSGD 22.00
Steak SandwichSGD 19.00

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Dutch Colony Salads Menu

Pesto Fusilli SaladSGD 15.00
Pumpkin & Feta SaladSGD 14.00
Kale & Quinoa SaladSGD 13.00

Dutch Colony Sides Menu

Soup of the DaySGD 8.00
Parmesan Truffle FriesSGD 11.00
Paprika Sweet Potato FriesSGD 11.00
Bread BasketSGD 11.00

Dutch Colony Desserts Menu

Waffles w/ Ice CreamSGD 15.00
Molten Lava CakeSGD 13.00
Mocha MousseSGD 11.00

Dutch Colony Espresso-Based Menu

EspressoSGD 3.60
MacchiatoSGD 4.20
Piccolo LatteSGD 4.70
Long BlackSGD 5.00
Flat WhiteSGD 5.70
Cafe LatteSGD 5.70
CappuccinoSGD 5.70
Cafe MochaSGD 6.00
Iced BlackSGD 6.00
Iced LatteSGD 6.70
Iced CappuccinoSGD 6.70
Iced MochaSGD 6.80

Dutch Colony Signatures Menu

Coco BrewSGD 7.50
Easy TonicSGD 8.00
Love & AffectionSGD 8.50
Dark PassionSGD 7.50
Honey Lemon Mint TeaSGD 7.50
Citrus Chai SpritzerSGD 7.50
Crimson SunsetSGD 7.50
R&RSGD 7.50
C3SGD 7.50

Dutch Colony Shakes Menu

VanillaSGD 8.00
ChoclateSGD 8.00
StrawberrySGD 8.00
CoffeeSGD 8.00
MatchaSGD 8.00

Dutch Colony Parfaits Menu

Vanilla & BerriesSGD 9.50
Espresso Peanut Butter CrunchSGD 9.50
Espresso SpeculoosSGD 9.50

Dutch Colony Tea Menu

Dutch BreakfastSGD 6.80
Colonial Earl GreySGD 6.80
Kenya MilimaSGD 6.80
Uganda CTCSGD 6.80
Ginger GlowSGD 6.80
Berry RooibosSGD 6.80
Green Mao JianSGD 6.80
Organic GuranseSGD 6.80
Yellow Mu DanSGD 6.80
Chamomile BlissSGD 6.80

Dutch Colony Bottled Menu

Noah’s Creative JuiceSGD 5.50
Chilled BlackSGD 8.50
Chilled WhiteSGD 9.50
Chilled ChocolateSGD 9.50
Chilled MatchaSGD 10.50

Is Dutch Colony Singapore Halal?

Yes, Dutch Colony food is halal certified.

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