Chateraise Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

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In this article, We will share the complete Chateraise Singapore menu and the prices.

Chateraise menu

Chateraise Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Chateraise serves Fruity Alcohol, Whole Cakes, Sliced Cakes, Cream Roll, Ice Cream, Gift Items, Bread, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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Chateraise Fruity Alcohol Menu

Blueberry WineSGD 36.00
White Peach WineSGD 22.00
Antioxidant Additive Free Sweet Red WineSGD 34.00

Chateraise Whole Cakes Menu

Special Strawberry Whole Cake 18cmSGD 55.00
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 21cmSGD 65.00
Strawberry Half & Half 18cmSGD 55.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 18cmSGD 50.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 21cmSGD 60.00
Party Square 25cm*20cmSGD 70.00
Special Fruits Half & Half 18cmSGD 50.00
Fruits White Zebra Whole Cake 17cmSGD 45.00
Crispy Chocolate Whole Cake 17cmSGD 40.00
Mango Roll Whole CakeSGD 14.00
Fluffy Cream Roll Whole CakeSGD 14.00
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream Whole Cake 15cmSGD 45.00

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Chateraise Sliced Cakes Menu

Legendary Fresh Cream CakeSGD 5.10
Crispy Chocolate CakeSGD 4.70
White ZebraSGD 4.70
Uji Matcha Mille CrepeSGD 5.10
Double Chocolate Mille CrepeSGD 5.10
Gateau ChocolateSGD 5.10
Cute PandaSGD 5.10
Cute BunnySGD 5.10
Chocolate BeerSGD 5.10
Blueberry Rare Cheese CakeSGD 5.10
Fluffy Souffle Cheese CakeSGD 3.90
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream CakeSGD 5.90

Chateraise Chilled Items Menu

Double Fantasy (Original)SGD 1.90
Double Fantasy (Matcha Latte)SGD 1.90
Double Fantasy (Orange Chocolate)SGD 1.90
Fluffy Cream RollSGD 1.90
Fluffy Cream Roll (Uji Matcha)SGD 2.20
Fresh Cream DorayakiSGD 1.90
Eclair ChocolateSGD 2.00

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Chateraise Ice Cream Menu

Ice Cream (Individual Assorted)SGD 4.00
Chateraise Multi Pack Ice CreamSGD 4.00
Assortment of 3 Ice Cream CakeSGD 50.20
Endless Party Ice Cream CakeSGD 48.20
Choconilla Ice Cream CakeSGD 20.70
Rare Cheese Ice Cream CakeSGD 20.70

Chateraise Gift Items Menu

Friends from Forest Cookie BagSGD 15.00
Langue de Chat SandSGD 8.00
Langue de Chat RollSGD 8.00
Seasonal Rice CrackerSGD 18.00
Longevity Ring (Medium)SGD 38.00
Tea Time Rusk White Chocolate 5pcsSGD 6.00
Tea Time Bread Rusk Box AssortmentSGD 11.50
Langue de Chat AssortmentSGD 30.00

Chateraise Bread Menu

Baked Cute DoughnutSGD 4.00
Additive Free Waffle Plain (3pcs)SGD 4.00
MadeleineSGD 2.50
FinancierSGD 2.50
Longevity RingSGD 2.50
Baked Cheese CakeSGD 2.50

Is Chateraise Singapore Halal?

No, Chateraise food is not halal certified.

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