An Acai Affair Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

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An Acai Affair menu

An Acai Affair Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

An Acai Affair serves Signature Toasts, Acai Bowls, Smoothie Bowls, Beverages, etc. You can check the menu by section as per your preference.

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An Acai Affair Signature Toasts Menu

Berry CrunchySGD 8.90
You Butter BelieveSGD 8.90
BravocadoSGD 9.90

An Acai Affair Signature Acai Bowls Menu

MenuPrice (S)Price (M)Price (L)
Triple ASGD 6.70SGD 9.90SGD 15.50
Nutty PartySGD 6.70SGD 9.90SGD 15.50
Ch-Ch-Ch-ChiaSGD 6.70SGD 9.90SGD 15.50
Greek PhysiqueSGD 6.70SGD 9.90SGD 15.50
Coco GlowSGD 7.30SGD 10.50SGD 15.90
Pitaya PunchSGD 7.30SGD 10.50SGD 15.90
Mango TangoSGD 7.30SGD 10.50SGD 15.90
Lemon SqueezySGD 7.30SGD 10.50SGD 15.90
Love Me LycheeSGD 7.30SGD 10.50SGD 15.90
Lean & GreenSGD 7.30SGD 10.50SGD 15.90

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An Acai Affair Smoothie Bowls Menu

Mangoes WildSGD 10.60
All You Avo WantedSGD 10.60
Berry Me BlissSGD 10.60
My Butter HalfSGD 10.60

An Acai Affair Make Your Own Prices Menu

Make Your Own BowlSGD 15.90
Make Your Own ToastSGD 10.60

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An Acai Affair Beverages Menu

Aloha AcaiSGD 11.50
Here’s My AbsSGD 11.50
Coco SplashSGD 3.70

Is Acai Affair Singapore Halal?

Yes, An Acai Affair food is halal certified.

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